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Prices of Home and Kitchen Appliances in Pakistan
Electrolux 36H2SG - Microwave Oven
Rs 13,300
Haier HGN-2070M Solo Microwave Oven
Rs 6,950
Panatron PMO-171 Microwave Oven
Rs 11,000
Haier HWM-60-10866 Automatic Washing Machine
Rs 50,500
Electrolux EWT-124S - Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Rs 42,000
Haier HWM 75-AS Semi-automatic Washing Machine
Rs 12,300
Hitachi R-W720FPG1X Refrigerator
Rs 193,000
Gaba National Gnr-2415-4 Door Refrigerator-408 L
Rs 117,500
Haier HRF-155 DM Classic Series Refrigerator
Rs 24,200
Handy Juice Wizard
Rs 1,799
Konstar Manual Juicer
Rs 2,499
The New Magic Bullet 2014
Rs 3,499
Sinbo Orange Juicer SJ3141
Rs 1,573
Anex AG-78 Juicer
Rs 3,086
Anex AG-184Gl Super Juicer 4 In 1
Rs 5,005
Westpoint Wf-08 Handy Chopper With Citrus
Rs 836
Anex AG-178 GL Juicer Blender Grinder
Rs 4,180
Westpoint Wf-2405 Hard Fruit Juicer
Rs 3,124
Anex AG -1056 Juicer
Rs 2,459
Sinbo Juice Extractors SJ-3137
Rs 3,994
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